In the recent past, more universities across Canada have opened up their doors to students who wish to study all matters real estate. Toronto real estate studies are available to interested students right from college to undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Growth in the real estate sector in Toronto has arguably led to this increase. Students can study various courses that touch on the real estate industry such as real estate property law, property management, and investment analysis.

The following is a list of the schools in Toronto that offer studies in real estate

Ontario Real Estate College

This school is located in Ontario and is an arm of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). The school has a unique program designed for those people interested in becoming real estate salespeople. The Salesperson Registration Education Program offered by the institution equips the learner with adequate knowledge about all matters real estate. The course is divided into two parts, pre-registration and articling. In the pre-registration, students are introduced to topics that touch on real estate transactions, real estate trading and real property law. It takes 18 months to complete this segment. In the articling part, students can choose from one of the several elective courses that are completed within 24 months.

This course is the prerequisite to getting licensed. Nevertheless, the knowledge acquired is essential for any realtor.

University Of Toronto

The Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto offers a real estate major option in the MBA programs that they have. The Major in Real Estate is a unique option for people who already have some foundation in the real estate sector. Professionals who have graduated in such disciplines as economics, entrepreneurship, law, building construction or even investment banking could find the program quite useful.

The core courses within the program are real estate development, economics and development. After successfully completing this program, one can have first-hand knowledge of matters to do with real estate law, estate finance, and property development within the residential and commercial property segments.

Ryerson University Toronto

Ryerson University offers a major in Real Estate Management at the Ted Rogers School of Business Management. The program imparts skills to business students to work in the commercial and residential property segment. After graduating with this major, one can work in various positions across the real estate industry in Toronto and Canada as a whole.

Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC)

Located in Toronto, REIC offers continuous quality professional education to players in the real estate industry. REIC provides certifications and advanced learning courses that cover the length and breadth of the real estate sector. With REIC certifications, students have the chance to become specialists in their fields.

Some of the certifications offered by the institute include Certified Property Manager (CPM), Accredited Residential Manager (ARM) and Certified in Real Estate Finance (CRF).

Seneca College

This school offers the Ontario Continuing Course for Mortgage Brokers and Agents. This is a unique program designed for mortgage agents and brokers. It equips the learner with requisite skills to work in the mortgage segment of the real estate industry.

It is also mandatory for all mortgage agents and brokers to undertake this course if they wish to renew their licenses.

York University

York University offers certificate and masters courses in real estate. The professional certificate course is offered by the Liberal Arts and Professional Studies department of the University. If you wish to get acquainted with all details in real estate management as part of your degree course, you can opt for this professional certificate.

The Master of Real Estate and Infrastructure (MREI) is a graduate program that enables the learner to take courses in infrastructure and real estate. The student can get practical skills on real estate financing, development as well as the development of leadership in the industry.

Toronto real estate studies are therefore readily available for anyone wishing to join this lucrative industry.

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