The Energy Star is an internationally recognized standard for consumer goods that use less energy. The Energy Star service mark identifies appliances that have met the criteria for energy efficiency. These appliances usually have a 20-30% less energy consumption. The Energy Star is not only limited to appliances, but it also involves homes. New homes have an opportunity for an Energy Star certification. For homes to have such certification, they must meet certain energy conditions set out by the energy star. This program mostly targets new homes and buildings. Using this building technique, the houses have an energy efficiency rate of at least 20% more than those built using minimum building requirements.

Toronto real estate Energy Star certifications are given by EnerQuality Corp. This is the organization mandated by the Federal Government of Canada, and it conducts home verification and inspection to ensure that buildings have met the Energy Star criteria.

Features of Energy Star Homes

Homes that meet the Energy Star requirements are constructed in a specialized way that ensures maximum energy efficiency. The construction design ensures that there are no cracks, holes or gaps throughout the house. This feature ensures that there is no air leakage leading to heat loss. The air-tight construction also helps to minimize dust, moisture and pollen and noise from outside.

The homes are constructed with more insulation for the wall, attic, basement and floor to ensure that no air escapes through the roof. The quality of the insulation used for Energy Star homes in Toronto is what sets it apart from just any other insulation.
The windows used for such homes use modern technology that helps to retain heat during winter and keep it out during summer. The windows are also specially designed to block UV light that can damage home furnishings, carpets, and rugs.

The houses are also fitted with high-efficiency heating and cooling systems that operate with less energy and produce less noise. The system ensures that the quality of breathable air in the house is of the highest standards. All this helps to ensure that there is better moisture control and that your comfort is enhanced.

Water is carefully controlled in Energy Star homes and buildings. The unique design ensures that the foundations, walls, and roof of the house are well-drained. This mechanism employs such techniques as moisture barriers and heavy-duty membranes that will assist to keep mold at bay.

The lighting system in Energy Star homes and buildings comprises of a wide range of bulbs that come in many sizes and shapes. These bulbs allow the user to create an atmosphere of their choice at home. The Energy Star bulbs last longer and also help you to save power costs significantly.

The appliances used in Energy Star homes such as dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators are specially designed to reduce power costs while offering excellent service and durability.

Benefits of Energy Star Homes

The unique design of Energy Star homes ensures the protection of the environment through fewer emissions and less power consumption. The burning of fossil fuels at home is the major contributor of emissions at home responsible for acid rain and smog.

The high-efficiency systems installed in Energy Star homes offers you better performance and increased durability. The systems help to prevent against cold, pollution, heat and moisture.

Energy Star homes are also a worthy investment. More people are turning to this technology in constructing their homes. This means that there is added value to one who owns such a home.

The comfort and confidence that you derive from an Energy Star home are unrivaled. You will ultimately sleep better enjoying the quality indoor air, less noise and optimum conducive temperatures offered by the high-efficiency systems.
Owners of Energy Star homes enjoy huge savings, especially on power costs. This is because the house is designed to economize on power and other utilities thus helping you to keep your utilities budget slim.

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