Finding real estate professional

Do you want to hire the best suited real estate professional for your needs? We at Homula can help you. Our interactive website collects information regarding your requirements and filters out a list of excellent professionals qualifying the criteria you set. The website employs an algorithm to compare the skillet and level of expertise of our professionals with the parameters you enter as responses to the multiple choice questionnaire. You can access the questionnaire by opting for “finding a real estate professional” under the professional finder option on the main menu on our homepage

Finding Real estate professional

For hiring a real estate professional, firstly we ask you to fill details of your location, then whether you want to buy, sell or lease, next we gather information regarding the budget and then the type of the property. And next page is for specifying the agent abilities, and you can leave contact details on the last page including your email id and phone number. After submission of your query our support team analyses your preferences and contacts you with professionals who qualify for your criteria. You may opt for an agent who can help in closing the deal quickly or may go for someone who has more experience. Therefore, the customers can get exactly what kind of professional they want to hire for their task.
You can follow the steps listed below to find best real estate professional at Homula.

  • Go to our Homula website homepage
  • Select professional finder option from the main menu bar.
  • The landing page asks you to submit the city or pin code for your address location. And click on “Find my perfect agent” button.
  • The next response page asks you to choose the one option based on your requirements from buy, sell or rent as choices.
  • Once you select one of buy, sell or rent options, the next question asks you to share your budget details for the deal. You can choose a budget from under $200K to over $1M.
  • The nest response is for understanding your needs related to property type and purpose of use. It has the following six options to choose from.
    • House
    • Condominium
    • Townhouse
    • Commercial
    • Land
    • Business
  • The next question is regarding the kind of expertise you seek in your real estate professional and you can choose from the following four options
    • Has lots of experience
    • Gets me the best price
    • Spends lot of time with me
    • Can close fast
  • With this you reach to the last summary page that assures you of our commitment to find the best Homula professional qualifying your criteria and requests you to submit your contact details with an option for selecting the best time of the day to contact.
  • An email confirmation is also sent to your given id by team Homula, assuring you to be contacted soon by the professionals matching your desired parameters.
  • The professionals from Homula reach you on your contact details and can guide you regarding the further process for the closing the property transaction.

This highly interactive feature saves you from making any phone call to scams or fraud companies. Our customers benefit from such innovative techniques and facilities that we offer on our website. The professionals screened through this process have all the required skills to help your case especially as the filtering is based on the requirement inputs from your end. This feature is a product of our understanding of client’s needs and designed in a user-friendly way to ensure a seamless experience for our customers. These solutions are a testimony for our commitment to serve you better. Lots of research and customer feedbacks encouraged us to employ such feature to know the requirements of our clients more efficiently and provide them more effective solutions causing least distraction to their personal life. These meticulously designed techniques to interact and know your client closely has made strengthened our relationship with our customers and commonly benefited all of us.