Is it necessary to do a home inspection done before buying a condominium apartment ?

Answer 1-
It is necessary to do home inspection before buying a condominium apartment. Thereis necessity for the examination of the condominium apartment. Home inspection is done by the home inspector. After inspection, a written report is provided by him. He describes the condition of the condominium apartment, but does not guarantee efficiency and future condition. The structure of the apartment is determined by him. Home inspection is the examination of current position of the apartment. In the home inspection, structure, roof, electrical and the heat system of the house is checked. All defect and deficiencies are examined.

Answer 2-
It examines the improper practices of building. It is not always necessary that all the defects will be discovered with the help of home inspection. There are various types of inspection that are carried out-
Inspection of buyer is more common. Inspector is hired by the person who is purchasing the property so as to identify the defects in the property.
The seller of the home hires inspector to examine the problems with their house. Based on the report of the Inspection, the required repairs are carried out by the seller to maintain the house or apartment in a good condition.

Answer 3-
Home inspection before buying a condominium apartment will help to know the exact condition of the apartment. Foreclosure inspection will be carried out for the examination of property.It will help the seller to know whether the apartment is in the good condition. Pre delivery inspection is done by the Home Inspector for the buyer, to know the condition of the home. It also helps the seller to initiate repairs based on the report submitted by the Home Inspector. Prior inspection will help to inspect the apartment before the closure. New built home needs to be inspected at the time of its construction.

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