The multiple listing services have been around for over a century and have seen a lot of changes take place in how things are done and also in improvement of efficiency. The principles that the MLS listing system operates on does not change even with time. Only improvements and amendments are made to the provisions stated.

The main reason why these set ways that guide the MLS system remain unchanged is because they ensure the orderly and manageable dissemination of listing information that helps to serve clients even better. The principles also help to improve the cooperation and interaction of real estate agents and brokers. Information on all current listing is made available to all agents and brokers.

The services, information and products provided for by the MLS listing services differ and can be classified in order of importance like:

Core services

These are the compulsory and most basic services that all participants of the MLS service are entitled to. These define the most basic functionality of MLS listing and include all the active and updated listings and all information that is relevant to participants of the MLS. These services are the essential services that any participant is accorded. With these core services, a real estate broker has all the information and services they require to be an effective broker to their clients.

Basic services

These are all the additional services that make the MLS service more efficient and reliable for clients. These additional services and information are provided on a discretionary basis. This means that each broker asks for the additional services that best suit them without having to inform all other participants of the MLS. The real estate agent accessing additional services is required to provide payment for this additional services. These services include information on expired listings, mortgage information, amortization schedules, tax records and any statistical information on real estate. Pending information on sales and comparing information on previous sales are also among the additional services by the MLS service that are considered privileged services for brokers.

Optional services

While the core services are provided for all participants whether they find it relevant or not, optional services are to be utilized as an agent requires them. These services are paid for by the real estate agents who require them. Whether a broker uses this optional services or not, it does not impact on their productivity and efficiency. This information just helps a real estate broker better understand the real estate market and also provides additional privileges to the agent with regard to the MLS service. These luxury MLS services include access to lockbox equipment, mechanical keys, and electronic key cards.
Access to advertising services on the MLS system is among the optional services provided by the MLS system. Real estate brokers can take advantage of this service to advertise their real estate practice and proficiency on the MLS. These services improve the security, insurance, and assurances of a real estate broker’s status on the MLS system.

Some of the provisions include:

MLS provisions

All provisions by the MLS must be followed to the letter to ensure that all systems function smoothly as they are supposed to. An agreement is signed to this effect to make sure that all parties understand what they are getting into when the sign the agreement. The MLS cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information provided by way of listings. This information is included in all agreements that are to be signed by clients. This information is going to be circulated to all agents who are participants of the MLS service for as long as the listing is active.

Listing period

The listing period on a property is activated when all parties sign the listing forms allowing and stating that they understand what the terms of the listing form are. This structure is to be marked by the vendor and their land operator or intermediary and made accessible to MLS. The termination of this period must also be agreed on by all parties involved.
In case of any issues that may cause the suspension of the real estate broker representing a property on the MSL, the seller is notified and can have another broker represent them. If the property’s listing period is to be terminated before the agreed-upon time, the MSL must be properly notified. The seller and real estate broker must be in agreement on this decision.

Security and insurance

The security of the property before the sale is solely the seller’s responsibility and the broker that they have allowed access to the property. The listing forms that are signed by the seller and broker provide for the insurance of an agent’s pay. When the agreement states that the seller has to pay the commission, then it is easier for the broker to claim their dues. The seller is also able to ensure that the broker delivers on what they are required to do.

Access and key boxes

All listed properties on the MLS will at some point need to be shown to potential buyers. Under this clause, all sellers are required to allow their real estate brokers access to the property at reasonable times so that the property can be shown to buyers. For ease of access, if the seller does not reside on the listed property, a key box is supposed to be installed on the property so that the broker is able to access the property easily.

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