MLS listings Toronto hold many regular events that can either take place annually or biannually. These events are aimed at popularizing the MLS service and also educating people and members of the MLS on the importance of following all the rules, what do to do get better sales and how to advance the real estate industry. These events are:


Conferences are events that are aimed at bringing people together with an agenda. This means that real estate brokers are for instance invited to a conference to discuss real estate market trends. The appointed speakers give their speeches and their views on the matter. Conferences are interactive in that after the argument is presented, the audience can discuss the argument and ask questions.

The conference may have more than one speakers and more than one agendas depending on the length of time that the conference is expected to be in session. Each speaker is expected to offer a different approach to the issue at hand or bring up a new topic of discussion. It is, however, important that they can limit the number of topics to a number that can be exhaustively discussed during that conference sitting.


A workshop is different from a conference because, in a conference, the speakers raise issues that all attendees can discuss and find solutions to. A workshop, however, is an educational gathering. The people gathered in a workshop are there to learn something they did not know before. This is like a short course on a specific subject.
The speaker, in this case, is usually an expert on the topic at hand and extensively offers their knowledge on the topic to the members at the workshop. After the workshop, members are given an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications. A workshop can be defined as an academic conference since it is more formal.

Seminars and webinars

Seminars are interactive gatherings that allow everyone to air his or her view on an issue. It is a discussion where people come together to exchange information on a similar subject. It is an open sharing forum since everyone gets to air their point and defend their argument.

A webinar is an online seminar. Instead of people being physically present for the discussion, in a webinar people hold the discussion over the internet through various platforms like video chats. Webinars are real-time events that involve sharing information and learning new things.

These are the main MLS listing events that take planning and aim at making the user experience even more efficient and easy. Some events are held by brokers however that are part of the MLS listing service in that they mainly originate from transactions on the system. These events are:

Open houses

This is an occasion that is typically composed for purchasers to visit a house that they are keen on and visit the property. In an open house, buyers are allowed to visit and inspect every inch of the property to ensure that it is what they are looking for and help them make an offer on the house. Mostly, an open house is for all interested buyers meaning that all the interested buyers visit the property on the assigned date.

House showings

This is similar to an open house in that buyers are shown to the property, and they can tour and inspect the property. The difference is in that in a house showing, only one buyer visits the property at a time. A house showing is usually organized by the buyer’s broker while the open house is usually planned by a seller’s broker. Once a buyer has seen the property, then they can make an informed decision and confer with their broker on the way forward.

Importance of MLS listing events

Share information

Information shared helps with growth. The real estate benefits from real estate themed events like MLS events that encourage sharing of information on the different events held. Information shared included market information like better ways of improving the real estate market. Speakers from a different part of the state like Richmond Hill can offer their knowledge and secret to market growth to the real estate agents and brokers in Toronto.

Keeping people up to date

Occasions are a decent approach to illuminate individuals about what has been occurring in the business. This is done by offering all information on changes in the industry to the participants of an event. Live presentations are made to ensure that the members understand and can comfortably ask changes. This is also aimed at ensuring people are able to know how to deal with changes. It helps with preparedness for this changes and advancements.

Education on new products

A new product in the market often does not have enough information provided on it before its introduction. In the real estate industry, a new way of conducting business is an important milestone that people need to be sensitized on and given pointers on how to maximize their sales, especially for newer real estate agents.

Provide solutions

When an issue arises in the real estate industry, a conference to discuss this issue and have participants offer suggestions on possible solutions is an importance of real estate events held by MLS. These possible solutions are each individually discussed and explored until the participants and speaker can come up with the most suitable solution for the problem presented.

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