How is the market rent ascertained?

There is no prescribed norm for determining the market lease rate though it can be easily found out by approaching people such as agents, enrollment authority, etc.

I signed a listing agreement, but I’m having second thought about selling. Can I cancel? Will it cost me anything?

Signing a listing agreement dedicates the real estate brokerage the human rights of sell your home for sale. If “you’re not” truly prepared to sell your home you are able to let your broker know right off and ask them to prepare the appropriate paperwork to cancel the directory. You don’t want to set would-be purchasers through an emotional roller coaster journey if “you’ve been” don’t want to sell. As for costs, unless there is something clearly stipulated in the contract, you should not “re going to have to” incur costs. Your realtor may have expended some fund and a lot of hour preparing the directory for the free market, so just be aware of that and try to be respectful. At the end of the day , no one can army you to sell.

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