09 Aug 2016

Where to Find a Commercial Realtor 2016

The majority of real property market transactions start through the professional endeavours of qualified realtors. Buyers and sellers of commercial real properties in Toronto and Canada as a whole may appoint a professional broker either for short-listing the best properties near them or for listing...
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New Condos for Sale Toronto
08 Aug 2016

Who Pays Land Transfer Tax in Ontario?

In response to the question of who pays land transfer tax in Ontario, it’s important to remember that land transfer tax is paid to the province upon the closing of a property or land acquisition transaction. This tax is applicable to any land, buildings, future constructions, and fixtures on a pro...
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23 Jul 2016

Best Time Of Year To Buy a Property In Toronto

RBC economics reports that housing prices are stable or improving in most markets, except for Toronto or Vancouver, where markets are labeled as “dangerously unaffordable.” Essentially, this is occurring because housing costs more than the average income. This can be harmful for Canadian real es...
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18 Jul 2016

Toronto Real Estate Projections 2016

Trends and forecasts on the Toronto Real Estate Market from the Best Economic Minds in the Business. In 2016, experts say that the market “trends to watch” will revolve around the rise of overall rental rates and a steady growth within the Toronto housing market. The pattern continues after last...
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