Who is the listing agent? What role does he perform?

Answer No. 1
A listing agent is a real estate agent that helps homeowners to sell their house. He lists client homes on the chart and negotiates the best possible terms and price for the house seller. Listing agents represent home sellers and buyer’s agent represents home buyers. An agent sells a lot of real estate’s does not actually mean they are a good listing agent. A good listing agent is one that meets the expectations of the client in the performance of their duties related to selling a property all the way through initial marketing to closing and beyond. The role of a listing agent is in the intelligent marketing of the homes that they are offering for sale on the local real estate market.

Answer No. 2
A listing agent is an individual you have chosen to be your personal representative with the real estate company that you are using to sell your property. Now this person becomes your medium of communication. Every agent’s uniqueness and compatibility is important. Every agent has access to exactly the same tools used to list and market the property. A listing agent can provide you with a comparative market analysis which will include a comparison of homes that have recently sold and are currently on the market. The listing agent can do work for both buyers and sellers, most tend to concentrate more on one than the other. When you bought your home, you probably worked with an agent that works mostly with buyers.

Answer No. 3
A listing agent is the real estate agent that is hired by you the seller to help you sell your home. Their job is to represent your best interest at all times. It is not compulsory to go out and find a buyer for your home but to attract a buyer to come to them to buy the home. His role is to do the research of the local real estate market. By Helping you to determine the asking price. By providing you help to identify the key selling points and by giving you a property disclosure form for the property. By negotiating with buyers on the behalf and by Attending the closing settlement.

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