In Home Estimate

In any business transaction the price quote is the real deal breaker and real estate market is no different. What is my home worth? Every seller has this ambiguity. Often the sellers feel perplexed to decide a suitable price for the property as the price has to be high enough for your expectations and fair enough to attract the potential buyers. Thus, this balancing act of selecting the selling price for your property is critical to the real estate transactions.

The Real estate industry is a good platform for investment and big returns in a short period. This has increased the activities in this sector and brought in a lot of first time buyers and sellers as well. In home estimate gives the first time seller a big support as they are most vulnerable to the dynamic nature of the real estate market. But with professional guidance and careful research now everybody can carry out these transactions without any troubles or fear.

The features of the property should justify your home estimate. Therefore, the sellers need to do some research about the real estate market trends, review the recent property deals in the nearby area and many other factors. This takes time and requires professional expertise that is where we come in to save you from all these troubles and provide you assistance and end to end solutions to the property deals.

Home estimate is nothing but a fair assessment of the property features considering the current real estate market scenario. Real estate professionals from Homula do extensive research to deduce relations among different market indicators such as investor sentiment, government policies, future trends and many others to figure out what is your home worth? Direct access to the road, good locality and distance from school and hospitals are some of the critical factors related to the valuation of the property. Our professionals are highly experienced and well trained to pay attention to the minute details of your home such as its location, maintenance needs and property history to name a few.

Obviously, no one knows your home better than you do and hence, you are the best judge of the special features that the buyers may find attractive. A balcony overlooking to a hill side or a lake can escalate prices by thousands of dollars, solid architecture and earth quake resistant designs can further add to the valuation of the property.

Apart from this, the history report from an expert speaks volumes about the property highlights. History report presents the accidental history of the property, as any major fire tragedy or natural calamities might weaken the foundation and walls of the home. The properties are passed on from one buyer to the other and over a period the old information about the property becomes inaccessible. Therefore, attaching a copy of the history report of the property can add trust and reliability to your home estimate. The buyers can process all this information about the home and decide quickly in an informed environment.
Some of the solutions that can be useful in highlighting the special features of your home are listed below. The sellers can follow these tactics to get a higher price quote for their homes.
 Clean your home
 Do away with maintenance, if any
 Attach the property history report
 Mention the special features about the property
 Hire a professional home inspector
 Keep original property documents ready
 Pay your taxes and insurance bills

The above points can help your home look its best and the price estimate goes high. The buyers can visualize the home according to their requirements and need not worry about any extra expenditures towards maintenance of the home. Thus, it helps both the buyers as well as sellers to close the property deals in a much informed environment.

Our customers can use the home value estimator option on our website to get an approximate idea about their home valuation by filling in the address and property details like type, square footage and the number of beds. To seek professional assistance you can find your perfect home inspector suitable for your needs e under the professional finder option.