Home Value Estimator

Evaluation of your home is an important starting step towards selling the home as it is necessary to have an estimate of the market value of the property. We at Homula provide full assistance for evaluating your home for free.  The area square footage, in-house construction and need for maintenance are some of the critical factors that are examined in the assessment of the market value of the property.

The evaluation is done based on many parameters like age of the construction, proximity to strategic locations of the city and maintenance requirements for the property. To sell your property at higher profits, you need to make your home ready for evaluation in advance. The up keeping needs of the home can drastically reduce the value of your home as it not only gives the home an unpleasant look but also opens up a column for maintenance bills. If the repairing work is not complete, the potential buyer will not be interested in buying the property at the proposed price, citing reasons such as expenses towards the maintenance from his pocket. So, clean up, and maintenance is necessary for attracting good offers for your home and closing the deal quickly at the best market price for the property.

You should keep the home in perfect condition for the day of evaluation as its obvious that a well-maintained home is evaluated higher than the one messed up. Fix the broken windows and staircase railings before evaluation, to put a good impression on appraiser about the condition of property. Clean the home thoroughly and if required, paint the doors and window grills as well. Repair leaky faucets or broken pipelines. Highlight the salient features of the property like the surrounding views and aerodynamic design to attract more value during evaluation. You may have to invest a little amount to carry out these small maintenance activities, but it will surely pay off well during the process of sale. The evaluation of the home by Homula appraiser is free of cost. So you can just call our office to give us an appointment for offering a free evaluation of the home or property.

The seller can also provide information that appeals to him personally about the home to the appraiser. It may be related to the architecture, design or air circulation in the home as these points would otherwise not be taken into consideration at the time of assessment. The evaluator might relate to the salient features emphasized by you and could add few more numbers in the final evaluation of the property as these features can be helpful in luring potential buyers for the sale of the property as well. You can also include the details of the good locality and warm neighbors in the vicinity. Extending it further to present a comparison of the sales trends in your neighborhood and also share the details of land prices that have been quoted for the recently sold homes in the area. All this information will help the evaluator in appreciating the highlighted positives regarding the property and evaluation value may increase by a few thousand dollars.

The cleaning and neatness of your home can influence the evaluator’s mindset. Even if the home is in perfect condition, but one of the rooms is messed up and looks like a 14th-century battlefield that will not help your case. Undressed rooms, dirty walls in kitchen and bathroom area make the home look old, and increase its effective age, resulting in lower evaluated market value for the property. Therefore, it reduces the profit margins in the sale of property.

Hence, make your home ready for free home evaluation by the expert(s) from Homula, preparing your home might incur some expenses towards maintenance but will be compensated fairly in the form of high-value assessment of the property and attracting potential buyers for the same. If the home is well-maintained, the buyer will have a good impression of the property and can picture the property according to his requirements which help in closing the deal quickly and at a fair price.