Which home texture sells faster, paint or hardwood?

Answer No. 1
Hardwood is the choice of modern families as it looks better and gives homes different character than the painted ones. Many home stagers in Toronto can be found that would suggest the same thing as they do this kind of changes to houses while selling them. Hardwood is also easier to customize which bodes well with families that move from one place to the other. This is a market which is on a rise and there are many realtors that have earned a lot of money through selling houses so it is really a business that needs to be experimented in.

Answer No. 2
The houses that sell faster is the one that has been finished with hardwood. This is a special trick that has been used by the home stages in Ontario and everywhere else in the world for selling the house in a quick time. Hardwood is preferred as it provides different customization options that the paint doesn’t. It is also preferred because t makes the house look more expensive that it actually is, which is a fact that every house owner wants from their houses. Paint is a good option as well but it just lacks the wow factor that the hardwood houses have in general.

Answer No. 3
Hardwood houses have a certain advantage when it comes to the time taken for houses to be sold. Paint is good as well but it just doesn’t give houses that aura that a hardwood is able to provide. The look changes from just plain simple to beautiful when the house stagers change it from paint to hardwood. The potential for customization also plays a very important part in the sale of holes in a very less time. The fact that hardwood makes houses look expensive is another factor that is preferred by the house owners and makes up their mind in favor of the hardwood house.

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