Home Stagers

Do you want to sell or lease your property at a good price? We have a solution to help you attract buyers and tenants and get the desired offer bids for the home as we at Homula provide you professional assistance with making your home ready for inspection. The home is valued by the seller envisaging his own needs and space requirements. A clean and well-maintained home leaves a good impression on the buyer’s mind. Big furniture often restricts the complete view of the available space, and your belongings might distract the buyer, leaving him perplexed giving it a second thought. We have tie ups with the best home stagers in Canada who provide all kinds of house decoration services to make it more presentable to the buyers. Their services include decluttering, cleaning, home decoration, storage and consultation for the home or condo. A small investment in hiring a professional home stager is completely worth it in the view of closing the deal quickly and at the best market price.

How can Home stagers be helpful?

Home stagers are professionals who are highly trained in giving your home a ready for sale look. They clean it thoroughly, declutter everything from the walls and shift your big furniture in the store. The professionals understand the needs of a house and the psychology of the buyers through their experience. They take care of each and every specialty of your home and highlight the points which can add value to the property, and if the buyer can relate to those features, then the deal gets through sooner than expected and at a good offer price. A clean home looks attractive and ready to occupy while the removed furniture opens up the full floor space which makes the rooms look bigger, hence, the buyer can visualize the property and can make an instant decision. The broken hinges and doorknobs are replaced, and the home is decorated with paint to make the home look younger than its actual age. The buyer witnesses the property and can relate to his needs, which helps him make an informed decision and closes the deal quickly.

How to find your perfect Home Stager?

In order to find a professional home stager for your requirements, you need to follow the following steps on the Homula website:

  • Open Homula website Homepage on your browser.
  • Select the Professional Finder option on the menu bar.
  • Choose the category Mortgage broker from the drop down list.
  • Enter your city or area pin code and click on “Find my perfect Home Stager” button.
  • In the next page select the type of service you want for your property out of the following.
      • Consultation
      • Decoration
      • Full Staging
      • Cleaning
      • Storage
      • Decluttering

    You can also select more than one option and can simultaneously find professionals for the combined job.

  • After selecting the relevant options from the above six options, the customers can choose the property style out of Freehold (house) or Condo options.
  • In the next page, you can select the property size.
  • In the next page, you can select the language you are comfortable with.
  • With this, you reach the last summary page that assures you of our commitment to finding the best Home stage professionals qualifying your criteria and requests you to submit your contact details with an option for selecting the best time of the day to contact.
  • An email confirmation is also sent to your given id by team Homula, assuring you to be contacted soon by the professionals matching your desired parameters.
  • The professionals from Homula contact you and guide you regarding the further process for the closing the property transaction.

We, as part of our promise to provide end to end solutions to our customers for all their needs in the real estate category provide professional assistance from our home stage partners to present your home at its best. You can enhance the looks of your home and at the same time get your own stuff removed which also helps in moving out. Hire your home stager professional now through Homula to make your home ready for sale.