Home Inspector

Buying or selling property is one big investment. The property is not just a piece of land; it’s a home for the family or a source of income for others. The land transactions are financial in nature but affect your emotional well-being as well. It’s crucial to make informed property decisions, timing and begetting them perfectly to ensure smooth flow of the processes. The principal component is monetary; hence it’s imperative for both the buyer and the seller to evaluate the property carefully so as to not over or undervalue it.

The role of a Home inspector

A home inspector is a person who has complete knowledge of the local and global real estate market and has a fair idea about the cost of the structures as per the location and property features. The professional home inspectors give you an impartial opinion of the property. Inspectors on Homula perform a complete analysis of the place and provide you with the following benefits:

  • A home inspector guarantees you that the property you intend to buy is not over-priced.
  • He helps you in justifying your loan amount at the bank.
  • He helps in calculating the equity value which ensures removal of PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance).
  • He charts the taxes payable and tries to minimize other liabilities.
  • He aids in determining the insurance value of your place.
  • He checks on the probabilities for maintenance needs of the home and makes sure that the repair charges are compensated in the evaluation of the property.

What our Homula expert home inspector brings to the table.

An expert home inspector focuses on all the aspects of the property and provides a thorough report of the place. We at Homula have our team of experienced and well-groomed professionals in the field. The home inspectors at Homula determine the market value of the property and focus mainly on the area of the property and the property feature that can substantiate our bidding proposal or offer price. The qualities of home inspectors at Homula include:

  • They have high professional and personal integrity and provide impartial opinions for the property
  • They are capable of sorting out conflicting information and go in depth to find out the exact details
  • They have good communication skills and can raise questions as and when required
  • They are capable of analyzing the present as well as future trends of the real estate market and thus guide effectively to their client who is planning to buy/sell or lease his property
  • They are constantly track with the market and remain updated with the recent property trends.
  • They are active listeners and always give preference to the demands of our customers as our guidance is only suggestive and not imposing.
  • They do not stress on the point whether the place has enough equity so that his client meets the loan qualification but determine the total net value of the property that his client intends to purchase
  • They keep in touch with the local property deals and maintain a database for all such transaction to remain updated with the latest offers and evaluations.

Cons of not seeking professional help in evaluation

Not hiring an home inspector can be risky for a purchaser as he remains unaware of the complete details of the property. It may happen that the property is quite old and has high maintenance costs or is overvalued, this results in financial loss of the customer. While a seller is required to work overtime for promoting his properties, which is tiring and still does not ensure results that a professional home inspector does.

Find your professional home inspector on Homula

In order to find a professional home inspector for your real estate you need to follow the following steps on the website of Homula:

  1. Open Homula website Home-page on your browser.
  2. Select the Professional Finder option on the menu bar.
  3. Choose the category Home inspector from the drop down list.
  4. Enter your city or area pin code and click on “Find my perfect home inspector button.
  5. In the next page select from residential or commercial property type.
  6. The next page has four choices:

  • Freehold (House)
  • Condo
  • Commercial (land)
  • Commercial (building)

  1. After selecting the relevant option from the above four options, the customers can choose the price range for the property.
  2. In the next page you can select the language you are comfortable with.
  3. With this you reach to the last summary page that assures you of our commitment to find the best Homula professional qualifying your criteria and requests you to submit your contact details with an option for selecting the best time of the day to contact.
  4. An email confirmation is also sent to your given id by team Homula, assuring you to be contacted soon by the professionals matching your desired parameters.
  5. The professionals from Homula contact you and guide you regarding the further process for the closing the property transaction.

We at Homula provide you proper guidance and highly trained professional home inspectors, which helps in avoiding pitfalls while purchasing or selling any property. We are affiliated with best inspector professionals in Canada and always promise on delivering the best to our customers. So find your home inspector now on our website.