What if You Find a Realtor in Toronto and They’re Terrible?

Everyone has advice when you’re trying to find a Realtor in Toronto. Everyone says, “You have to work with my Realtor. They’re the best.” But they can’t all be the best… Can they?

Not only can a bad realtor cost you thousands of dollars, they can also cost you your dream home by mucking up the offer, or some other part of the process. Here are a few reasons why it’s dangerous to work with the wrong Realtor.

Find A Realtor Toronto

Because it’s Actually TOO Easy to Find a Realtor in Toronto

It is so easy to open Google, click a few ads and think you’ve found a world-class Realtor. The problem is that a Realtor can easily look the part, without delivering the goods.

It’s never been cheaper or easier for anyone to get a professional and amazing looking website, or great looking postcards. But great marketing from a Realtor does not necessarily equal great service. They may have more style than substance.

Because They Need to Close the Deal. Nothing Else Matters

Finding houses for you is only part of the job. Your Realtor could do the best real estate search in Canada, but it doesn’t help you unless they can actually close these homes for you.

Of course, it takes skill to be able to showcase a home professionally and get the buyer excited about the property. But in the hyper-competitive Toronto real estate market, there is almost always going to be a bidding war. The price you see in the MLS listing is only the start.

Your Realtor needs to put together a simple and compelling offer, with the price and conditions that your buyer will want. The offer and the process are where a truly great real estate agent will shine.
Because There’s So Much at Stake in the Toronto Real Estate Market
Overpaying for a home in most markets may mean you paid a few extra thousand dollars. But in Toronto, that number can easily swell into the tens of thousands of dollars in a hurry. You’ve scanned MLS listings, you can see what’s at stake.

You need to ensure your Realtor is dialed into the Toronto market. That means they’re not just aware of the current trends, they can predict where the market is heading.

Because You May Not Know They Were Bad Until Years Later

Here’s a nightmare scenario that’s a little too real for most buyers.

You find a real estate agent. They suggest you skip the home inspection because the seller has other aggressive offers on the table. This could bring your offer to the top. They said they’ve inspected the house themselves and it looks amazing. Fast forward a few years. You learn that the house actually has massive structural issues, and you’re now on the hook for them financially.

It happens all the time. The Realtor doesn’t have your best interest in mind. They simply wanted to close the deal to make the commission and move on. Meanwhile, you thought they were hustling so you didn’t lose out on your dream home.

So when you’re trying to find a Realtor in Toronto, make sure you do your homework. Look beyond their website or postcard and ask for references. Be sure to ask the references about the entire process they went through, especially the offer and the close!

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