What documents should I ask from a real estate agent to check its authenticity?

Answer 1-

The documents that should be asked from a real estate agent in order to check the authenticity are as follows-

  • –    Deed of sale- It is the document which acts as a proof of sale and the transfer of property from seller to buyer. This deed is required to be registered. It is necessary to check out the compliances agreed between the seller and buyer.
  • –    A mother deed – It is another important document. It helps in finding out the antecedent ownership in the property.
  • –    It is necessary to find the real estate professional in order to check the authenticity of the documents.
  • –    Real Estate Agent Toronto will be responsible for the authentication of the documents. The document relating to the further sale of the property will be obtained from him for examination.

Answer 2-

The following are the documents that are required to be asked from a real estate agent to check its authenticity-

Mother deed need to be authenticated. If something is missing, the required information is asked from the registered office. In order to obtain the building approval plan, there are certain documents that are required to be submitted- deed of title, PID number of a property, dd, certificate of foundation and certificate of land use.

It is necessary to check the authenticity of the certificate of conversion. It is done bythe professional.Certificate of conversion is an important certificate as it changes the use of agricultural land for building purposes.It helps in obtaining the NOC in this case.

Answer 3-

There are various other documents that are required to be authenticated and the same is checked in the following manner

Certificate of Encumbrance is the required changes that are made in the owned property. So All the registered transactions will be considered in the same. All the evidence with respect of the transfer of title and mortgage is provided by it. Another important document is the power of attorney which is required to be authenticated. Tax receipts also play an important role in this whole aspect. All the details such as the owner’s name, date of payment and the tax payer’s name need to be checked. Real Estate Agent Toronto is acting as a middle man in providing this documents to the owner of the property.

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