What are the chances of ending up with a good property deal without involving a real estate agent?

Answer No. 1
There are various chances of ending up with a good property deal without involving a real estate agent which is as follows-
Local real estate agency undertakes certain points to be the successful agency. If the certain points are considered by both the buyer and seller there is no need of the real estate agent for ending up a good property deal.

  • Proper evaluation of the local market as well as the values of homes.
  • Listing price which are appropriate are suggested.
  • Proper presentation of house
  • Proper disclosure of the forms and the documents
  • Proper advertisement and arrangement of photographs need to be made.

Answer No. 2
Local real estate agency is an agency of the real estate agents who are working as an intermediary between the buyer and seller. You need to answer all the questions asked by the buyer with suitable disclosures of the documents. Holding up of open houses in order to allow the visit of open houses by the public. Receipt of an offer via email. There is need for evaluation of the strength of offer. Proper negotiation need to be done. Such house should be made available for both inspection and appraisal. Proper attendance of the closing needs to be done.

Answer No. 3
Setting up of higher prices for homes more than its expectations is one of the factors. Higher priced homes are not looked out by the buyer. A better deal is possible without the help of real estate agent. As, it increases the overall sales commission in the price. Money can be saved by selling the home yourself.  Experience is needed for listing the homes online. Proper negotiation of the contracts needs to be done. It is easy to sell the home without the help of an agent. Market goes up with the help of the same. Buyer always expects a discount. So, the money saved on the agents commission shall be used as a discount.

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