As a buyer, should be used organize a home inspection … even if the seller has provided one?

Savvy Sellers take great care in preparing their residences for selling, and in a brisk market where they are positioning their residences for multiple offers, they are usually take the extra step of having a recent home inspection report available to prospective purchasers. The doubt purchasers have is whether to take research reports as the whole fact and nothing but the truth, or should they get their own inspector come through. Some people believe that the report provided for under the seller is likely to be manipulated or skewed to benefit the seller, but I have witnessed inspectors refuse to lie or misrepresent the report even when asked by the customer. Sellers are involved, by statute, to disclose any known issues, both latent( hidden) and patent( obvious ).

The buyer can always perform their own due diligence and hire an independent home inspector. They could also contact the home inspector who did the report on the house to ask questions or hire them to come through the home again. Many times “it’s just” not feasible for a buyer to hire their own inspector due to timing or cost and having a report ready to be delivered upon request to all interested parties may promote an additional offer or two. In my opinion, any Seller who expects their residence to sell in rivalry must have a pre-sale home inspection to provide to all interested customers , no two ways about it!

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