What benefits does a lease option hold for the seller?

Answer No. 1
The benefits for seller-

  1. They often get to sell the house at a higher price than they could sell it in a normal transaction.
  2. They can sell the house during a slow market.

iii.            By being able to collect a larger monthly payment than they could obtain in a normal lease, the property “cash-flows” and seller don’t have to make the mortgage payment each month by their own money.

  1. When the buyer cannot exercise the option, they keep some up-front option money.

Answer No. 2
Benefits a lease option seller holds are-

  1. It allows you to beat the competition.
  2. You can collect rent while the home would otherwise sit vacantly.

iii.            You often receive a higher purchase price.

  1. You can sell the home in a down market when otherwise it might not have been able to sell at all.
  2. And it allows you to actually sell the home, instead of just renting it.

Answer No. 3
The two biggest benefits of sellers on a lease option are:

  1. Selling without paying a sales commission-


Selling without paying a sales commission is the one of the biggest benefits of a seller as they can sell the property on lease option without any terms and condition.

  1. Receiving a higher than market purchase price-

Receiving a higher than market purchase price is another biggest benefit of a seller as he receives higher value than Market purchase price by selling on the lease option.

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