What is Homula?

Homula is the most comprehensive real estate website in which serves the purpose of bringing all of your real estate needs under one roof.

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Why Homula?

The information in Real Estate industry was scattered across different platforms and websites. Consumers had to find and put pieces of information together. This would cause them confusion and lead to errors in their decision. There was a need for a new platform that can easily bring all this information under one roof. Homula was created to satisfy this need. This is the only platform that brings all information to consumers on a simple platform with all tools necessary to make smart decisions.

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On this powerful website, consumers can easily locate vital information. This information includes a list of residential, commercial, and pre-construction properties.

Homula also answers your real estate related questions, provides free estimate of your property and includes articles written by industry experts.

This advance site includes all real estate related tools to help consumers make smart decisions.

Homula also provides consumers with a comprehensive list of real estate related professionals including realtors, lawyers, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, property managers and other industry experts.

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Homula Provides You With

Vital information regarding buying, renting, selling, leasing, commercial and residential properties is currently scattered across thousands of platforms on the internet. With this advanced search engine, residents can avoid the often frustrating process of locating information about their real estate needs. Homula is an industry changing website that has finally put an end to both confusion and frustration. It is nearly impossible to locate a website that provides residents with not only updated real estate listings, but expert advice and relevant information as well.

Homula will continue to surpass competitors in the real estate industry due to their advanced technology and knowledge. The act of searching for crucial information in regards to real estate is now over. Each day, a large number of experts are added to this powerful real estate search engine for the purpose of granting residents with an even higher chance of becoming knowledgeable and remaining up to date in the real estate industry.  Without a doubt, residents will receive the most updated, relevant and factual information.

The process of searching for the perfect home, selling your current home, receiving answers to your many questions, remaining up to date with the current real estate trends, connecting with world renowned experts and other vital information is now easier than it has ever been before.

Helping your personal and business finances grow

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Real Estate Tools

This advance site includes all real estate related tools to help consumers make smart decisions.

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Real Estate Industry

he information in Real Estate industry was scattered across different platforms and websites.

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About Us

Over 20 years experience in Real Estate

Frequent Questions

Please take note that the condominium corporation does not pay for property taxes and the unit owners will have the sole responsibility of paying their own property tax coupled with an equal percentage sharing for the incurred expenses in common areas. If you are still planning to purchase a condominium unit, you can determine the property as shown in the purchase documents but it is better to check it with the municipal government to confirm and if there are changes or increase in taxes. For example, some municipalities have lower property tax for condominiums as they exclude some services like garbage collection and snow clearing. Instead, the saved amount can help you contribute to your condominium fees, which usually covers those types of services.

Brokers generally work in two capacities: as listing agents or as tenant representatives. Some, if not most, do both. Meaning that they have property listings and they also work as a tenant representative. If you are working directly with the property listing agent, be sure that the broker is working for the property owner. If you hire a tenant representative that also has listings, then you need to have a very good understanding of what listings they have and what conflicts they have. For example, in addition to the fiduciary issues that come with representing both parties in a transaction, the agent will most likely make more money if you lease a space at his listing. Instead of having to split the commission, he collects both sides.

A representation letter is something a tenant representative or broker will ask you to sign. It has several purposes. First, it demonstrates your commitment. Once the tenant representative or broker has that letter from you, they know that they are much more likely to get a commission on your lease. This means that they will work hard for you. In fact, a good tenant representative or broker will not do much more than a simple market survey without a signed letter. If you want to get the most out of the brokerage community, we recommend that you sign an exclusive agreement rather than working with several different agents on a non-exclusive basis.

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